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-​2 Corinthians 5:7

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In memory of my brother, Lexie R. Wallace, a veteran of WW II. He served his country proudly and lost both legs below the knees as a result of being wounded in battle. Yet he never complained and refused to let his injuries hinder him in anyway. He was truly a hero in many ways. May you rest in peace Mr. Wallace. Thank you for your service and sacrifice to this great nation. ~ Honored by Ron and Joy Wallace

In memory of Benny Wayne Jackson. He served with 199 Light Infantry, Vietnam War. Thank you for your service and dedication to this great nation.  ~ Honored by Bill Toones

It is my honor to introduce you to Mr. Alfred L. Waller. Mr. Waller was retired USAF, SMSGT (E-8). He served as a flight engineer for more than 20 yrs of active duty service. His position as an aircrew member resulted in him visiting many countries his 20 years of service. His nickname was Owl, and you guessed it.. he liked owls! He was a member of the VFW Post 6077 in Hawkinsville, GA. Thank you for your service and dedication to this great nation,  Mr. Waller, may you rest in peace. ~ Mr. Waller is honored by his friends at VFW Post 6077.

Staff Sergeant Robert Brian Donahoo            DOB 1-5- 82 - DOD 9-11-15
Brian joined the Army  Nov 12, 2001- Mar 8, 2002. When asked by family what he planned to do in the Army his reply was I'm going to learn to jump out of a perfectly good airplane and do hand to hand combat on the ground. Brian was an all or nothing man. He was even that way as a child,. "Go big or go home." He got his wings Sept 3, 2004. He served with Charlie Company 2/187 Infantry Rakkasan 101st Airborne Division. His first deployment was to Afghanistan, and then 3 more deployments to Iraq. He retired on Sept 12, 2011. Brian struggled with PTSD, TBI, and constant pain. Brian ended his life 1 day shy of 4 yrs into his retirement. He left behind one son who turned 10 one month after his Dad died. Til we meet again Brian. May you rest in peace SSGT Donahoo. Thank you for your service and dedication to this great nation. ~ Honored by Manda McGrady

Stanley "Puff" Adams January 1, 1953 - November 14, 2007 ~ Back in 1995, then a member of the Wounded Sons biker club, Puff and his pals built a 10-by-15, 3 1/2-foot-high cage out of reed cane, tied an artificial skeleton up in its right rear corner and mounted it on a homemade trailer with bicycle tires underneath and U.S. and POW-MIA flags flying overhead. To make America aware of the never-ending MIA-POW issue, Adams took up the yoke of the 200-pound trailer and hauled it behind him . . . all the way from St. Louis to Columbus, a trip of 730 miles. He began his journey, appropriately enough, on July 4. Six weeks later he dragged the trailer and his aching body into Columbus. In a story written about his odyssey, he told of wearing out six tires, breaking an axle, bending a rim and wearing out three pairs of sneakers. Adams got out of the Army in 1977,  he was a member of the 101st Airborne, the Army's "Screaming Eagles." During the late '90s, Puff and his brother Lester began making an annual pilgrimage to Washington on Memorial Day. He looked forward to the candlelight vigil at the Vietnam Memorial Wall."The names of 23 of my buddies are on that wall," he told a reporter in 2001. "I owe it to them to do all I can to help locate the rest of the guys who are unaccounted for. ~ Honored by his daughters Mashawnda Davis and Elizabeth Speller

In honor of Sgt. Casey Rentz, Retired. Thank you for your service and dedication to this great nation. ~ Honored by Kelly Laschober​

In memory of Sgt. Douglas F. Wade. Sgt. Wade honorably served with the U.S. Army, Company E, 2nd Battalion (Airmobile), 8th Cavalry during the Vietnam War, 1968-1969. Sgt. Wade earned several medals including three Bronze Stars and two Purple Hearts. Thank you for your service and dedication to this great nation, may you rest in peace sir. ~ Honored by Ron and Bonita Meeks, and family

​To honor those gone, but not forgotten....

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Richard Stephen Saine was born February 29th, 1948. He served as Sgt. with the U.S. Army from 1968-1970. Mr. Saine was stationed in Vung Tau, Vietnam. He was in charge of one of the 3 largest ammunition depots. Mr. Saine is married to Mrs. Kathy Saine.  Thank you for your service and dedication to this great nation, Mr. Saine. ~ Honored by Bill and Sherry Boncek