For We Walk By Faith, Not By Sight

-​2 Corinthians 5:7

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Walk By Faith

​Donations can be made to “sponsor” the walk by the mile, the walk, in anyway you choose! All proceeds are being donated to Nine Line Foundation , Inc. A repeatable 501c3 organization that is a 100% Volunteer Force that insures all monies collected go DIRECTLY to meeting the financial and specialized needs of our most severally wounded veterans!

I am glad you asked!! We are literally walking thousands of miles in honor of our brothers and sisters in arms. This walk is across the state of NC and BACK! A good portion of it follows the NC Mountain to Sea Trail, but not all of it, I will trail blaze some areas to interact more with people to raise awarenss . Stepping off Jockey's Ridge, NC, hiking across the state, reaching Clingsman Dome at the NC/TN border, turn around and hike back across the state. As we hike this path we look forward to the opportunity to share our mission and our faith. We hope to bring to light the silent struggle known as PTSD and to break the barriers of stigmatization. Simply to say “You are not alone!!” We desire to promote knowledge and understanding with the families, people, and communities that support our veterans and to encourage people to research and use resources that are available in the area of PTSD.


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​Where does the money raised go??

We completed our mission in September 2016! Thank each and everyone of you for your prayers, support and encouragement throughout this journey. It is our prayer that not only did we raise awareness, but we reached others with our faith and inspired hope. God bless ~ Michael and Wendy Boncek

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