For We Walk By Faith, Not By Sight

-​2 Corinthians 5:7

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Walk By Faith

I never really met anyone who up and changed their life, who stopped, looked around and decided ENOUGH. However, that's exactly what my family and I have done. We have decided to stop living by the flesh and start living by our faith. My family and I have seen time and time again how our veterans, both young and old, are being treated when they come home from combat. Our men and women are suffering from their injuries, both seen and unseen, and the lack of care they are receiving.

The suicide rate of our veterans is at 22 men and women per day. That's 22 too many.

  • Raising funds, to benefit Nine Line Foundation, Inc., to provide handicap accessible housing for our severely wounded veterans.
  • ​To promote awareness of PTSD / TBI, and the suicide rate among our veterans.
  • ​To encourage veterans to reach out, do not suffer in silence!; to promote understanding and education within communities and families that support our veterans.​​
Donate by the mile, the walk, in honor or memory of someone, anyway you feel you can support our cause!

To truly understand our vision, determination and reasons behind our faith, take a moment to read a little about us.

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Having ideals and visions for our veterans, we know all things done in this life are achieved through effort. Learn how we are going to achieve these goals through our hiking.

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Through an understanding of what our veterans are forced to cope with, and bringing attention to the growing problem with veteran suicide, we can promote and encourage a quality of life our veterans deserve!